About Andrea

We are sad to announce that Andrea passed away August 5, 2016. There will be no more lovely canvases from her hands.


I'm so glad you've had time to look through my collection. I'm a retired art teacher and have been painting most of my life. I've been stitching needlepoint for 20 years. Color is very important in my designs.

I am an ANG member as well as a TNNA member. I have a booth at the June Market in Ohio.

My heart belongs to the masterpiece reproductions; Seurat, Monet, VanGogh, Klimt, Matisse, Picasso, etc. My flowers are both delicate and bold, depending on the bloom. Animals are fun or realistic. Lighthouses, Southwest landscapes and Florida's flamingos reflect all of my travels around this country.

You can contact me for pricing at arbchanging@gmail.com

Happy Stitching!


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